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Just married
Me and Jo got married on the 4th of September. pictures coming up soon...

For Sale
4 x York A/C 18000BTU (US)
more info...

Ballouneh Apt.
Renovation in its final stages.pictures coming up soon.

New Car :)
I got myself a Fiat Punto 2004, those toys are niiiiice

Looking for...
a small car to buy, something like a Fiat Punto 2000-2003

Grand Cherokee
I've sold my Jeep.more info...

New Appartment
Me n Jo finally bought a 220m2 appartment in Ballouneh, next to the park

I have proposed to Jo...

Théo, latest addition to Ayyoub's family & Ne3sen's family.

Chloé, latest addition to Aoun's family & Kordahi's family.

Backpacking Lebanon
My dream is to go backpacking around Lebanon, drive-discover-camp thing. Rediscover Lebanon.

Photo Albums - eurotrip 2004 (433 pictures) - 20040905_0007.JPG

 backpacking europe (22 days)
Vienna - Salzburgh - Venice - Florence - Interlaken - Geneva - Paris - Brugge - Amsterdam - Munchen

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